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Eckhart Tolle’s event in Sydney was so meaningful

It’s interesting listening to people like Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng who were in Sydney last week offering the latest information about mindful living. It really puts the minds chatter in its place and all the egos stories about who we think we are and how naturally we compare ourselves with each other.

I attended the lectures with 4 fellow teachers from the Yoga Tree Studio in Young which was a truly special experience. Kim Eng spoke of being an empty vessel so we can tune into our purpose, while Eckhart spoke in the evening of finding the ‘Deeper I.’

It was a different experience from the last time I attending a Hayhouse  Eckhart Tolle event in Coolum QLD around 10 yrs ago with my friend and fellow Dru Meditation and Yoga Teacher Liz Davidson. This year was more like a reminder of information that seemed so new to me 10 years ago.

Some tips I have really taken on board over the years, like living in the moment as often as I can and following my hearts passion but this time a message really resonated with me. The idea that we are energy, prana. I’ve heard this before but this time I could literally feel the blocks in my body and mind.

My intention in 2017 is to shift community patterns to create healthy workplace and home environments, while addressing my own inner healing that I feel I’m ready to experience. I’ve have put much of my focus, attention and energy into more Restorative Yoga solutions so students have an opportunity to rest, repair and renew. The response to my focused effort has been so wonderful. it certainly pays to gather and concentrate your energy on just one or two main projects.

I could write all night about my experience with Eckart Tolle and Kim Eng, so this is Part 1. My message for you is, see if you can notice your own prana and where it may be blocked and appearing as tightness, tension or emotional stagnation. Just be aware, that is the best first step. Aware without judgement.

Nel Hunter