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  • What was the most useful aspect of the workshop?

    ‘”The girls where so kind and warm and  positive !!”

    “Linking personal wellbeing to our Early Childhood environment and learning techniques for relaxation and meditation.”

    “Especially enjoyed the part about thinking about how you can avoid everyday stressors and adopt a different attitude towards dealing with problems in the workplace.”

    “The reminder that ‘me’ time doesn’t have to be difficult to find.”

    Staff feedback after our workshop WellBeing In Early Childhood – Being For Staff by Nel Hunter and Jo Maloney. House of Pooh Corner, University of NSW, Sydney.



    WellBeing In Early Childhood – Being For Staff

  • To whom it may concern
    I am writing this in support of Nel Hunter and ‘Blissfully Present’.
    It has been my pleasure, as Head of Department for Early Childhood Education and Care, Cootamundra, Temora, West Wyalong and Young, to have had Narelle Hunter present to our students on the benefits of relaxation and mindful living.
    Her presentations have been well received with students leaving with an increased awareness of the benefits of relaxation and stress management techniques not only for themselves in their own work environments but also the children in their care.
    It is all too easy in this fast paced world to forget that relaxation and stress management techniques are learned skills that do not come naturally to some, especially young children who are influenced by all that goes on around them.
    I have found Nel knowledgeable, pleasant and very easy to deal with and I would recommend her services to all.

    Lynda Moore

  • I have had the pleasure of attending Nel’s relaxation and mindfulness classes for the past 3 years.  She has taught me unconditional acceptance, how to appreciate every moment and the importance of the mind/body connection.  I began her classes during chemotherapy treatment for bowel cancer where I benefited from decreased anxiety, improved sleep and overall wellbeing. I continue them to this day as they remind me of what is truly important in life and to slow down and appreciate even the little things when life gets too busy.  During the classes we often commented on how we would love to take her home with us and it is wonderful to see that more people will be able to benefit from her gifts.

    Leeanne Trantino (Rainbow Warrior)

  • “Narelle is a beautiful soul, and her gentle, healing energy can be felt as soon as you’re in her presence.”

    Cassie Mendoza-JonesFounder of Elevate Vitality & the Heartfelt Harmony SocietyKinesiologist + NaturopathWriter + Speaker

  • Narelle is an inspiration and a calming influence. I feel like I have been recalibrated after spending time with Narelle, and feel as refreshed as taking a really deep cleansing breath. Narelle helps you to tap into and follow your instincts. Narelle assists you to make mindful decisions to enhance your life.


  • Meditation with Narelle is always an amazing experience. She creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere where you can start to become acquainted with your true self! Narelle makes it easy for beginners and interesting for those that are more experienced. She has a real gift for meeting people “where they are at” and making them feel at home.

    We always leave feeling completely grounded and at peace with ourselves, able to tackle whatever life may throw at us next!

    Karen and Bill

  • Having known Narelle for 10 years both personally and professionally I have to say she is one of the most gentle people I know. Narelle had some time working within my day spa in Young and her approach to life and teaching yoga is exceptional. Narelle is so personable and kind and I would definitely attend a workshop of hers any day.

    Melissa Mccoll Gusollios Hair and Spa

  • Narelle is a truly gifted teacher who is passionate about yoga and committed to her students’ wellbeing. She is caring, empathetic, helpful, intuitive and a very good listener.  She utilises yoga and also incorporates her knowledge of relaxation, tailoring them both according to the student’s needs. We have a family member with a chronic and debilitating illness and Narelle’s sound coaching proved to be an invaluable support.

    Kristin Gahan

  • I was so lucky to start the relaxation course with Narelle just 2 weeks after my breast surgery in fact the first session I sat on the lounge as I still had my drain in. It taught me many things and by the time I started chemo I felt I could really put it into practice.

    Ann Symons

  • I joined the deep relaxation classes with Narelle as a carer for my Mum who was undertaking chemotherapy at the time.  My Mum and I attended together and have found the classes both enjoyable and very beneficial.  I found them beneficial not only as a support to my Mum but for my own personal life also. Just to take time out of our busy lives to learn to live more mindfully is such a wonderful thing to learn.

    Kylie Rowan Young NSW

  • I was in Young and went to Gilberts to exchange my book you gave me for my birthday. As always they were very obliging there and I did exchange the book for the one:   “Great Stuff to Do with Your Grandkids”. I started reading it straight away and know I will enjoy it.  Must get you to sign it for me next time I see you.

    Just want to share something I read in the first few pages and I can relate to it very much so, in fact I experienced it the night before when I was staying with Kylie, Angus was sitting on my lap.

    One particular grandmother wrote:

     “I remember a visit to our daughter and her family, during that visit; I was holding two-year-old Stefan on my lap, inhaling his sweet well-cared-for-baby fragrance, burying my face in his soft, fine hair, feeling the soft, smooth creaminess of his skin.  I was not thinking about anything else, about what I should or could be doing.  I was completely in and of the moment, loving it, cherishing it, just for what it was.  This was a peak experience for me.”

    It was also a peak experience for me too!  

    Before my diagnosis, before my going to your wonderful classes, I may not have been able to realize just what a beautiful moment that was.

     I thank you so much. You have helped me to see these amazing moments.

    Love Di

  • Just after diagnosis, during and just after treatment I found it hard to keep the fear under control. I had this ‘perfect plan’ for my future (ha!) and the thought I might not actually be around for any of that was hard for me to cope with.

    Your classes helped me a great deal by focusing on the now and how to deal with unwanted thoughts. I have a much better appreciation for the here & now and that the future is not something I directly control – I still get busy but I don’t stress so much anymore.’


  • I was very fortunate in being asked to attend Narrelle’s yoga relaxation group after finishing surgery and radiotherapy treatment[ for breast cancer] in May of 2012. We were all strangers at first, it wasn’t long and we were looking forward to meeting each week to have Narelle guide us through some gentle yoga exercise and to hear her gentle voice calming our thoughts as we did our relaxation. When I started I found it very hard to let go and relax as my mind was over loaded with what I had just experienced, this was my second journey with cancer. It wasn’t long and I was able to slow my breathing still my mind and feel the benefit of this time for myself and my healing. I have since had another cancer journey and was able to cope more easily being able to use the techniques we had been taught and look forward to meeting with Narelle any chance we get. Having a beautiful person guiding you in this process is a wonderful experience.

    Fay Wilder May 2015

Statements from Patients

  • “…I feel more relaxed when arriving for treatment.”

    “…I am feeling less anxious before I have a cannula placed in my hand.”

    “…I seem to be able to get off to sleep better.”

    “…I am able to find some quiet “me time” now.”

    “Good luck with the recordings. Lou x”

    Louise Mugridge – Clinical Nurse Consultant, Cancer Services MLHD and manager of Young Oncology Unit